About Equal Experts

We are a consultancy of senior practitioners. Experts in the design, delivery, and scaling of custom software products and data. We work with customers to bring the step change they need to sustain a culture of digital innovation.
We help customers to make better decisions with data. Use design thinking to unlock value faster. And we accelerate the pace of delivery as they scale.
We are a global network of over 2,000 people, based in 5 continents. From day one, we have selected only senior technologists. People who want to stay hands-on and deliver valuable software. Experts who want to work with other experts, so they can keep learning from each other.
In years of experience, our consultants have twice the industry average. 90% of our team members have over ten years in the business. Typically across seven or more organisations. This is how we provide undiluted expertise from people with deep knowledge, who draw from valuable life lessons.
Our network is made up of permanent staff and independent contractors. Each selected following stringent processes. Each valued equally.
Being low ego, grown-up experts with intrinsic motivation to learn and grow means we can minimise hierarchy. This frees consultants to focus on the needs of their customers. We harmoniously blend culture and capabilities from both organisations. This creates a flywheel effect that makes innovation easier over time.
What sets us apart is our Expertise. It works because we treat each other and our customers as Equals. This is what makes us Equal Experts. This is how we bring the sstep change needed to sustain innovation.
Last modified 1yr ago